• For quality address
    Our vision stems from the necessities of the sports community
  • International credit
    Curricula within the quality of global education
  • Identify different worlds
    We continue to advance to the Imam and open new doors
  • Scientific enrichment
    Articles, research and intellectual anticipation
  • Integrated sports programs
    An opportunity for a more beautiful and broader future

Our vision

The Global Council of Sport Science in Sweden (GCSS) supports all unions and continues contacts between bodies wishing to cooperate with each other to create a network of experiences with companies, unions and organizations with scientific expertise in the field of sports, physical and health to implement the projects of knowledge expansion through the holding of training courses and seminars for the purpose of achieving responsibility development Sustainable sports in the community through the construction of specialized cadres and rich in modern sports science. The Global Council of Sport Science (GCSS) is linked to strong relations with various international and European federations, some Olympic committees and various sports councils ... Read more

Our partners